VIXI Hand Fans are a fun, fashionable and functional way to stay cool! We did not invent the hand fan, but we certainly enjoy reviving this timeless accessory. Our inspiration for VIXI is truly authentic; inspired by history, romance, vintage couture, nature and modern-day activities. 

  As the founder, my southern American upbringing intertwined with my Filipino heritage has truly given eminence to the creation of VIXI. Through my travels from North Carolina to the Philippines, my passion for this elegant summer fashion began to take shape. I found myself always carrying around hand fans to accent my outfits and keep me cool in both the Carolina and Philippine heat. With the lack of hand fans in the United States and the encouragement from a friend to start this business, I decided to start designing my own fans and make them accessible to everyone.

  Whilst naming the company, I discovered that the Latin word, "REVIXI", means "to refresh or revive." The act of "cooling and refreshing oneself," is actually the main purpose of the hand fan. As I decided to drop the "RE", I learned that the Latin word, "VIXI", translates into, "I have lived," or, " I have survived."  Did you know that the hand fan have survived since prehistoric ages? It has been modified, traveled and traded throughout time and history, popping up in cultures all over the world.

  With an absence of hand fans in modern day America, I discovered there were many places a hand fan was needed. Sporting events were one of them. Because of what we interpret to be a chance encounter, a divine intervention we both might say, I was introduced to my now business partner, Cheryl Foster.

  I was attending my first NFL football game in September of 2016. It was a Carolina Panthers game in Charlotte, NC and boy, was it hot!  As my family and I made our way into the entrance of the football game, my sister found herself standing next to Cheryl, with whom she quickly became friends. Cheryl was admiring her hand fan and asked her where she had found it. My sister, Michelle, replied, "Oh, my sister makes them and she is right over there!" as she signaled for me to come over and introduced me to Cheryl. 

 Cheryl and I hit it off right away and decided to meet for coffee the next day to discuss a potential hand fan project.  All of a sudden, three hours of creativity, fun, and laughter had passed. The vibe we shared felt as if we had known each other for years. As our ideas continued to bounce off of each other, I realized how amazing this woman and her ideas were and how much fun it would be to continue to work with her. I remember shyly blurting out of nowhere in the middle of our meeting, "Would you want to be my partner?" and Cheryl replied, "I thought you would never ask!" We were both so excited at this point and immediately began making plans for VIXI! 

  There's a remarkable circumstance to how we met. Because Cheryl's son once played for the Carolina Panthers, she has been fortunate enough to use an easier, less crowded VIP entrance to get into football games. Cheryl mentioned how for some reason she was drawn to go to the general admissions entrance that day, where my family and I happened to be. She has never been any other way than the VIP entrance, nor have I ever been to an NFL game before in my life, but we bumped into each other over what we both thought to be a small miracle. 

  With our combined forces, we are ecstatic about the future of VIXI. Please join us on our journey to recreate the classic hand fan and thank you for your support!